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Ronda Rousey Free Rice Campaign - Armbar Nation

World Food Programme - Free Rice

It sucks to be hungry! That is why former UFC superstar Ronda Rousey started a campaign to help feed the hungry while cutting weight for her upcoming fights. As Ronda began the weight cutting process for an upcoming MMA fight, she got to thinking, “how much would it suck to be hungry every day?”

Before each title fight, Ronda hosts a Free Rice Campaign to raise food for the hungry, since she is cutting weight and knows what it feels like to be hungry. Over her last seven fights, she has helped donated over 407,121,280 million grains of rice to the World Food Programme. Since one bowl of rice is about 3,400 grains and comes out to about 3 cups of cooked rice, Ronda and her fans have donated enough rice to feed 119,741 people.

Check out what Time Magazine has to say about Free Rice below.

Time - Free Rice
Free Rice
UFC 184 Weigh-in
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