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Ronda Rousey John Leichty Middle School

John Leichty Middle School

The students at John Leichty Middle school benefited from the generosity of Ronda Rousey on an annual basis. Ronda hosted a charity auction with all of the proceeds going to benefit John Leichty Middle School for their 8th grade culmination committee, a program that encourages and rewards kids who obtain higher than average levels of achievement.

John Liechty Middle School hosts a breakfast for honors students and awards 200 medals to students and provides breakfast for 300 total attendees.

Ronda has also donated funds to John Liechty Middle school for decorations for the school dance, prizes for the school study carnival, and transportation costs for buses to transport the kids to Six Flags for all graduating students.

Ronda continues to support the student’s at John Leichty Middle school as she recently organized a charity auction to raise funds to purchase new uniforms for the soccer team.

Ronda Rousey - John Leichty Middle School
Ronda Rousey John Leichty School
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