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Ronda Rousey #MoreThanTape - Reebok
#MoreThanTape – Reebok

Did you know that Ronda received over 3,000 #MoreThanTape messages from fans in just under 72 hours from when it was launched by Reebok? Reebok recently visited Ronda and gifted her the tape baring all of the printed messages to which Ronda had this to say. READ the FOX Sports Article by Damon Martin

“My hand wraps mean so much more to me than most fighters out there. Each ball of tape I create after a training session equates to a day of hard work and another step toward achieving my goals as a fighter and human,”– Ronda Rousey

#MoreThanTape - Reebok
Ronda Rousey #MoreThanTape - Reebok

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