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Ronda Rousey - Toronto, ON Canada

Ronda Rousey is coming to Toronto, Canada to promote her new book My Fight/Your Fight. Join Olympic medalist, reigning UFC women’s bantamweight champion, and Hollywood star Ronda Rousey as she signs her inspiring new book My Fight/Your Fight. Marked by her signature charm, barbed wit, and undeniable power, Rousey’s account of the hardest fights of her life – in and outside the Octagon – reveal what it takes to become the toughest woman on Earth.


Indigo Bay & Bloor – Toronto, ON
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Wednesday, May 13th – 7:00 PM

For more information about the event details, Ronda’s book, and other tour dates please visit her official website. RondaRousey.net/my-fight-your-fight

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