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Ronda Rousey 7 Generation Games High Score

The gauntlet has been thrown… and we want to see if you can top it. Ronda Rousey recently played the sneak peek level of the brand new Forgotten Trail video game and blazed through the river obstacles on the hardest level, earning her a cool 300 points.

Ronda doesn’t like when people beat her high scores because she can be pretty competitive (so we’ve heard). But don’t tell her we told you, we value our arms!

How can I beat Ronda’s Score?
The goal is to traverse the waters as fast as you can while avoiding all the obstacles and collecting as many fish before crossing the finish line. You will earn 10 points per fish you catch while playing on the easiest level, 20 points per fish on the medium level, and 50 points per fish on the hardest level.

Get warmed up and build your confidence by playing the easy level before you go on to the hard level. So far, we have only had three people beat the hardest level. Let’s see if you have what it takes!

In order to play the sneak peek level, back Forgotten Trail on Kickstarter (for any amount- even $5) and you will be able to view the link below which has the link to the game. And if you decide to be generous and donate $10, you will be able to play the full game once it is released later this year.

Take a picture of yourself playing the sneak peek of Forgotten Trail and share it on Twitter with (@7GenGames) and @ArmbarNation and on Facebook with 7 Generation Games and Armbar Nation.


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