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Support Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

Ronda Rousey - Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

The Ronda Rousey Charity Auction which will benefit the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation ends tomorrow at 12pm PST. So you will definitely want to make sure you get your final bids in before it ends.

Even though the auction is coming to an end, there is still so much we can do to help. We are giving away a Cielo Tank Top and Cielo Ladies Tee featuring their beloved Cielo, who as it seems turns out, has a personality a lot like Ronda’s. Please take a moment to read the information below and see what they are all about and how you could win one of these amazing shirts. We will announce the winners tomorrow night.

Their Mission:

Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation
To rescue Big Cats from sad circumstances and provide them with the best lifestyle available. A life governed by Love and respect.

About the Foundation

Everyone at The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation understands the fact that defenceless and selfless animals are suffering because us humans have done the impossible to mess up this beautiful planet of ours.

We are fighting to eradicate the idea that a living being can be reduced to a simple object through possession. We only have authority to possess things like chairs, computers, TVs, etc and even those aren’t truly ours. We are raising awareness about how each animal is sentimental, intelligent, and unique. They have a vast array of emotions just like us. The only thing that they don´t do is speak a human language. By giving them love and respect to the extreme, as well as taking care of their basic needs of course, the interactions that our team shares with them have become something magical and extremely magnetic. Little by little we are changing what most people think about nature and all of its children.

WIN one of these courtesy of Black Jaguar White Tiger

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