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Ronda Rousey UFC 184 Media Day in 30 seconds

Ronda Rousey UFC 184 Media Day in 30 seconds

So you want to be a UFC Champion? You need to be willing to shine bright when you are in the spotlight. Not only is the whole world watching and listening to every word you say, but today’s youth is also looking up to you as a role model. The margin for error when speaking on a public platform much like fighting is very small, therefore you must be knowledgeable, articulate, and well prepared. On February 18, 2015 at the Glendale Fighting Club Ronda Rousey answered questions for the media leading up to her UFC 184 women’s bantamweight title fight with Cat Zingano. And again she showed us what it truly means to be a champion, this time through her words.

“I don’t walk into fights thinking about what my opponent lacks. I walk into every match thinking that I’m fighting a perfect person. I’m fighting the best version of Cat Zingano that ever happened and I’m gonna assume that she does everything perfectly and I’m still going to make it wrong. I’m going to train so hard and be so well prepared that perfect for her still isn’t good enough.”
Ronda Rousey

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