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Ronda Rousey “Gone in 16 Seconds” Wood Animation Created by Chris Rini

Check out this amazing wood animation created by Chris Rini. Be sure to check out his work on twitter and visit his website too!

Except for Chris Rini’s website:

Right now we are lucky. Almost every fighter from the very first days of MMA is still alive. Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Randy Couture, they’re all still with us and we can take their presence for granted.


One day we will want to pass on our good memories to the next generation, and we will want to see the legends of our generation treated with respect, and their accomplishments recognized.


I’m creating physical artwork that is meant to stand the test of time, to capture the history of the sport and the moments that changed its trajectory: BJ Penn hopping to the fence to defend a single leg, GSPjabbing his opponents into a pulpy mess, Anthony Pettis performing like a ninja. Or from the dark ages: Mark Coleman headbutting through someone’s guard. One request I’ve gotten often is for an animation of Don Frye and Takayama‘s hockey style brawl.


I’ve created over 200 individual wood engravings and more than 500 hand made animation frames about the history of Mixed Martial Arts, but have barely scraped the surface. I’m looking for people who want to see a Hall of Fame come into existence in our lifetime. You will get a glimpse into my studio as I create the scenes from our history. I want to hear your input, your favorite moments and help make the icons of our sport live forever.

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