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Ronda Rousey Holiday Giving Campaign Wrap-up

Ronda Rousey #unselfie Holiday Giving Campaign

We wanted to thank everyone who contributed to the Ronda Rousey Holiday Giving Campaign. The money raised for these 5 charities will help them greatly. Below are the winners throughout the campaign. If you see your name on one of these lists we will be contacting you soon. Once again thanks to everyone who participated and to the lucky winners listed below. If you are a winner you would have received a message through the Fundly website asking for your address. Check your spam filter if you did not receive it or log into the Fundly website where you originally donated to check your messages.

Make sure you stay connected with us at Armbar Nation and with Ronda Rousey for future contests and events.

4 Weekly Winners

Received a pair of autographed Monster Headphones.

  1. Jason Kelly
  2. Barbara Hark
  3. Ashley Wood
  4. Lynne Rossborough

Overall Top Donor

You will receive an autographed Limited Edition Strikeforce Collectible.

  1. Mayra Pastuma

Top Donating Team

You will each received and autographed picture.


  1. Matthew Smith
  2. Daniel V Guy
  3. Jason Paquet
  4. Chuck Erwin
  5. Pia Coronado
  6. Maria Luongo Kirkland
  7. Timothy Hogan
  8. Todd W Riffert
  9. Sara Spector
  10. Michael Stanley
  11. Barbara Hark
  12. Jason Kelly
  13. Al Stover
  14. AB Hark

$500 Donation

You will receive a personalized autographed Ronda Rousey poster.

  1. Mayra Pastuma
  2. Kendall Cates
  3. John Mcclosky

$250 Donation

You will receive an autographed Ronda Rousey poster.

  1. Alexandra Harrison
  2. Matthew Smith
  3. Andrew Shah
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