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Ronda Rousey UFC 193 Free Rice

We would first like to thank the everyone who have joined the Ronda Rousey UFC 190 Free Rice Contest who helped raise over 73,207,630 grains of rice, which is enough to feed 21,531 hungry people! Our goal as always is to donate as much rice as possible, in a fair and respectful manner. That being said, we hope that everyone who enters embraces the spirt of FAIR PLAY. We have had some questions with regards to the Free Rice Contest that we have addressed below.

Where do I enter?

  • CLICK HERE to enter the Ronda Rousey UFC 193 Free Rice Contest.

Is this contest open worldwide?

  • YES, this contest is open worldwide. However, the MetroPCS prize is only available to US Residents. All other prizes are available worldwide.

Please keep in mind shipping times may take up to 4-6 weeks for international packages.

When will I receive my prize?

  • All prizes will be shipped after the completion of the Free Rice contest. Please expect a 2-3 week delay before the prizes are shipped. This allows us to ensure fair play throughout the entire contest as well as provides us the necessary time to package and ship the prize packs. Please keep in mind shipping times can take up to 4-6 weeks for international packages.

Why was my account suspended?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact reason for account suspensions. Free Rice will suspend user accounts if they believe that someone is cheating. You will need to follow up with the people who run FreeRice.com by clicking here.

Can I share my account with a friend?

  • To ensure that your account does not get suspended we would recommend that you not share your personal Free Rice account with other people. We know that in the past some spouses or couples shared an account and tried to donate as much as rice as possible, which resulted in their account being suspended. To avoid account suspension, we would recommend opening a second account under each individual’s name who would like to play. However, we will not disqualify you choose to share you account with you a significant other because there is no way for us to enforce otherwise.

Can I win the weekly prize more then once?

  • No. We are trying to engage as many fans as possible. However, the more you play the better your chance is at winning 1 of the Top 5 Overall Prize Packs.

Can I create more than one Free Rice account?

  • No. In order to keep the game as fair as possible, each person may only enter the contest with one Free Rice account.

Couldn’t I just write a computer program to play all day and give a lot of rice that way?

  • Their server will detect players who try to manipulate the system by cheating. This will result in account suspension or points not being awarded.
  • It overloads the FreeRice servers so that real people can’t play and learn.
  • Without real people playing and the resulting company sponsorship, no money would be generated and they could not give any rice at all.

How much rice can I donate in one day before I get disqualified?

  • 300,000 – any user who donates more then this amount in 24 hours will automatically be disqualified from winning any prizes.


PLEASE NOTE: In the spirit of FAIR PLAY, we reserve the right to disqualify any participant from receiving their prizes if we believe they have not followed the guidelines set forth by Free Rice.

Since we do not own, control, or operate the Free Rice website we do not have the ability to re-activate or look into suspended/disqualified accounts.

CLICK HERE – to view the FreeRice.com FAQ’s


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