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Spar Star Promotions MMA Fright Night

Spar Star Promotions Fright Night

Armbar Nation was cage side covering the Spar Star Promotions Fright Night MMA at the Hollywood Park Casino along side Jonathan King of The Clinch Report. Some of these amateurs came to make a statement in their fights considering 8 of the 11 of the fights resulted in impressive finishes. Whether it was a Rear Naked Choke, or a TKO, they certainly were not leaving it for the judges decision. This event was a perfect example of how far MMA has come in regards to the talent pool it is generating. Not to mention the fan base it has created, considering some of these amateurs had large followings who made themselves heard all night.

There were also a handful of celebrities in attendance during the event catching all the MMA action. One of which stars on the hit TV show Storage Wars, Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets. Who immediately caught our attention when we noticed what his lovely wife was wearing. Kimber was sporting her stylish Marc Jacobs “Ronda Rousey Charity Skin Tee” and was kind enough to let us take a picture of her in it. You can view the full event gallery below.

Darrell Sheets wife Kimber in a Ronda Rousey Tee

Official Fight Card

  • Aiko Ewing Vs Farren Romero (WINNER)Bantamweight
  • Kevin Widdoes Vs Chase Gibson (WINNER)Lightweight
  • Anthony Briggs Vs Santiago Diaz (WINNER)Heavyweight
  • Anthony Gonzalez (WINNER) Vs Jose Antonio Ahumada – Lightweight
  • Satish Jokhan Vs Angel Gonzalez (WINNER)Featherweight
  • John Yoo (WINNER) Vs Eric Berganza – Bantamweight
  • Alejandro Flores Vs Leo Imai (WINNER)Featherweight
  • Jimmy Ochoa (WINNER) Vs Kogan Martinez – Light Heavyweight
  • Jacob Sandoval (WINNER) Vs Nicholas Duran – Bantamweight
  • Tizoc Froese (WINNER) Vs Yadir Perez – Flyweight
  • Steven Ayala Vs Benito Mendez (WINNER)Featherweight
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