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#HauntedHousey Contest – Win a @RondaRousey Autographed Poster

Haunted Housey Contest - Armbar Nation

IT’s BACK! The Ronda Rousey Haunted Housey Contest that is.

Are you looking for something to do tomorrow before or after all the Trick or Treater’s have come and gone? Well why not enter our HAUNTED HOUSEY contest. This contest is open to everyone worldwide. For those of you busy with Halloween commitments, we will run this contest all weekend and pick a winner on Monday.

How to ENTER:

  1. Click on the FACEBOOK share & the TWITTER share buttons located above to share this on your social media.
  2. CLICK HERE to OPEN, DOWNLOAD, then SAVE the Haunted Housey Contest Photo to your computer.
  3. FIND all ’13 apparitions’ that are hidden in the picture & put a NUMBER from (1-13) beside it. You can use MS Paint, Photoshop, or anything that will let you digitally write on the picture.
  4. Send your photo back us by CLICKING HERE

***NOTE: when you send us your email, make sure to mark from 1-13 in your email what you think the apparitions are that you identified on the photo.

The person who correctly identifies the most apparitions that are hidden in the Haunted Housey photo will be the winner. If multiple people find and properly label them all we will choose a winner at Random. Happy Hauntings!

CONTEST DEADLINE IS SUNDAY November 2nd at 11:59pm PST.

All submissions must be entered by this time.

What can I WIN:

Ronda Rousey autographing her Armbar Nation/Xyience poster

Ryan Griffore - Armbar Nation

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