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Exclusive Ronda Rousey After Party

Are you ready to party with Ronda Rousey?

100 people will be able to attend this exclusive event to hang out with Ronda and help support a great charity with ALL of the proceeds going to benefit those who cannot afford medical care.
 The event will take place on November 9th in Los Angeles, CA from 2-5pm and tickets will be $200. We have had several people email us to ask,


“Will Ronda be at the event the entire 3 hours?”
Simply put, Yes! Here’s how the event will go:


The 100 guests will arrive at 2pm and will check in at the registration table. We will have plenty of muscle there from Glendale Fighting Club and private security, so it would be in your best interest to buy a ticket and NOT try to crash the party. Each attendee will receive a gift bag of goodies including an autographed photo signed by Ronda Rousey which is being provided by Monster Products. In select gift bags, we will include 1 of 5 AMAZING autographed Ronda Rousey prizes which will be randomly distributed to attendees. Here are just a few of the item that will be in the gift bags below.
Thank you to Monster Products for sending one of the AWESOME red Octagon Ultimate Sound, Bold Style Matte Red Headphones
to give away to one lucky attendee. Even better, they will be signed by Ronda herself.


Maxim MagInside of one of the gift bags will be an autographed copy of this Maxim Magazine that features Ronda on the cover.

Darrell Sheets wife Kimber in a Ronda Rousey TeeThe Marc Jacobs “Protect The Skin You’re In” Ronda Rousey autographed t-shirt will also be included one of the gift bags for one of the 100 attendees.  No, you can’t have the exact shirt our lovely model Kimber is wearing, but there will be one of these shirts up for grabs.


These are just a few of the epic Ronda Rousey autographed prizes that will be given out given out this event. Below are all of the specifics about the Ronda Rousey’s charity event.

On November 9, 2014 Ronda will be having an after – way after – party in Los Angeles, CA. (2-5pm)
Featuring: Special guests Mandy Lion & Terry Ilous.
Tickets: $200 (Only 100 available)

It’s a party – live music, a no-host bar – with some people you’ll recognize from both mixed martial arts and music communities. LOCATION will be provided upon purchase of ticket.

The Purpose

Whether you are a musician, an actor or a professional athlete, the entertainment business is feast or famine. For every person making a million dollars, there are 10,000 others barely scraping by.

It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but the fact is, if you are broke you can’t afford that ounce of prevention. So, you don’t get your cough checked, your flu shot, your screening for anything you might have caught from that groupie you knew you shouldn’t have … well, you get the idea.

We expect to collect a minimum of $20,000 which should go 100% to fund two “Health Rocks days” for entertainers.

It will work like this – we expect to serve a minimum of 200 people with the funds raised and possibly many more.

We’ll schedule a date at a clinic in Hollywood and send out notices. If you are in the entertainment business and have financial need, you can make an appointment by phone or online. Possibly you could walk in as well but my guess is that all of the appointments will be taken in advance, so probably not.

You come in that day, get a physical examination, any vaccinations you need, screened for anything of concern, from pregnancy to HIV. If it is minor, you can get a prescription or recommendation and sent on your way.

If it is less minor, you can get a referral to a specialist.

If you are found to have a serious injury or illness and cannot afford treatment, there will be staff right on site to help you sign up for Medicaid, Medicare or any other program that can help you pay for treatment.

We figured this was the best use of the funds, since $20,000 could easily be taken up by one operation. On the other hand, providing care for 200 people could prevent a lot of significant problems later on.

Click here to purchase your ticket.

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