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Everything You Wanted to Know about Ronda’s After Party but Were Afraid to Ask

Guest blog from Dr. AnnMaria, De Mars on October 20, 2014.

Have you been thinking about going to Ronda’s After- After Party but you have questions you don’t know who to ask?

Here are the top eight most common questions we received:

  1.  Will I get to meet Ronda / Marina/ Terry/ Mandy/ Gene? Yes. We will have our hosts/ hostesses (Ronda, Marina Shafir, Gene Lebell, Mandy Lion and more) rotate tables every 15 minutes or so and meet everyone. I stole this idea from a Meet the Venture Capitalist event I attended. There will only be 100 guests, so yes, everyone will be at your table for 15 minutes or more. Have a beer, eat wings, talk about life. It’s a party.
  2. I want an autograph/ selfie with Ronda / Marina/ Terry/ Mandy/ Gene , etc. but I don’t want to be that awkward person asking for an autograph at a party. We have you covered. From 2:30 to 3:30 or so will be autographs and pictures. The nice people from Monster have provided pictures, that will be autographed and given to you at the door. If you want something personal on it or have ONE other item you want autographed, you can get that done/ take a selfie during that time. After the autographing signing, it is stay around and party.
  3. Will Ronda be there the whole time? Yes.
  4. Do you have to be over 21? Yes. Sorry, but there will be drinking, so, yes.
  5. What happens after 5 pm ? Mandy Lion is scheduled to begin playing at 4:30 pm and there is a surprise you’ll like. (Guess you’ll just have to be there.)
  6. Do I get anything besides music, a party, autographs? Is there anything else in the gift bag? Yes, but this is not the Oscars so don’t be expecting any $4,000 watches. You will get an arm bar nation wristband, tattoos (not real ones) and some of the bags at random will have surprises. (If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Okay, well like the Marc Jacobs shirt.)
  7. Is my donation tax-deductible. Yes.
  8. How did you pick this charity? First of all, Dr. Jacob Flores, the Chief Medical Officer of Community Outreach Medical Services is a long time family friend. Second, Ronda had plenty of experience early in her career putting off seeing a physician for nagging injuries because of worries about the cost, and still sees a lot of friends in the same situation. Sponsoring two days of Health Rocks clinics for preventive care seemed to be the way to get the biggest bang for her buck.

Get your ticket at http://rondarousey.net/charity/health-rocks/


Dr. AnnMaria De Mars

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