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I Believe In Women’s Rights – By Jesse Hemrick

An inspiring essay from a powerful, young women – meet Jesse Hemrick. Jesse is in Professor Noel Miles’ Honors English III class and writes:

As a women trained in martial arts, there has been many occasions where someone did not believe me when I told them my rank as Master Jessica Hemrick, fourth degree black belt and two time state champion of North Carolina. The same problem occurs in many other women’s lives, much like my role model Ronda Rousey’s. I believe in equal rights for women everywhere. We all deserve to be treated with the same respect and taken just as seriously as men.

Ronda Rousey is a mixed martial artist and holds the best record ever in MMA history. She is undefeated in the UFC, also known as the ultimate fighting championships, and was the first American women to win an Olympic medal in the Beijing Olympics in Judo. She has starred in a recent movie, “The Expendables III” and has also been a coach on the “Ultimate Fighter” television show. Women have just started to be recognized in the UFC because of controversy. For years Dana White, president of UFC, was strongly against allowing women into the UFC. And then about two years ago there were fifteen women signed up to fight in the octagon, including Ronda Rousey. Dana changed his mind because of Ronda Rousey who was getting tons of publicity from her Olympic medal, her amateur fights winning all three within the first minute of the first round.

Women work just as hard as men and deserve the same respect and rights as men. Things have gotten better for women over time. In 1920 the women gained the right to vote and although we have been treated for the most part equally, we still have some problems. After world war two ended, the women working in the factories lost their jobs to the returning soldiers and many women were unhappy because they liked working and earning a pay check. Many people objected but finally women were accepted into the workforce. Women often were paid less than men even though they were doing the same amount of work. Many efforts have been made to make wages equal for everyone but it is still a concerning problem we have today.

I believe in a world where everyone is equal. I believe in women’s rights. Women deserve just as much credit and respect as men and hopefully one day they will be treated equally. Ronda Rousey, just like many other women, is paving the road to a world where a person’s gender will not be held against them and I believe that this “one day” is just around the corner.


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