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Ronda Rousey’s Gompers Judo Charity Auction

Ronda Rousey 2014 Gompers Charity Auction

Ronda Rousey has autographed, and donated several items directly from her closet as a part of her 2014 Gompers Judo Charity Auction.  The proceeds will help send students’ from Gompers Judo to compete in the AAU Judo Nationals in Kansas City, MO. The money raised will go to help pay for the entry fees, transportation, and hotel accommodations. Last year Ronda Rousey’s Armbar Nation helped send 6 students’ and 1 teacher to the AAU Judo Nationals.  Your generosity allowed the kids from Gompers to compete and show their true strengths during this rewarding experience. Additional funds that are raised from this charity auction will be used to help the Gompers Judo program. A new school year has started, which means new students’ will be looking for an opportunity to participate in this amazing after school program.

Together with your help we can make a difference for a new group of kids in the Gompers Judo Program and provide them with an experience that they will never forget.

To visit the Official Charity Auction page on Ronda Rousey’s Official Website – Click here – Gompers Judo Charity Auction

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Ronda Rousey started the Gompers Judo program in 2009. Ronda’s sister Jennifer was previously a student teacher at Gompers Middle School. When the school was looking for someone who would be willing to teach Judo as a volunteer, Ronda immediately showed her interest. With virtually no budget and the program running off of that time donate by others, the school had received several donations for used mats and Judo Gi’s. Ronda’s passion for judo and giving back can be directly attributed to her Mom Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, who has since taken over the program for Ronda. Ronda still remains an important figure in the success of the Gompers Judo Program while her mom along with Jose Gonzales have taken over the weekly practices.

Gompers Judo Website:

Any donation is appreciated & will go directly to benefit Gompers Judo.

Together we can help make a difference!

Gompers Judo – 2013 AAU Judo National’s Event Photo’s
The kids from Gompers Judo Competing in the AAU Judo Nationals.
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Gompers Judo – 2013 Charity Auction
Last year Ronda sent 6 kids to the AAU Judo Nationals thanks to her charity auction and the generosity of others.
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September 27th, 2014 – AAU Judo Grand Nationals in Kansas City, MO.
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