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Jerry Ferrara’s “Bad 4 Business” Podcast is getting ROWDY

Ronda Rousey to visit Jerry Ferrara's Bad 4 Business Podcast

Is it bad for business to have your girlfriend produce your podcast? Is it bad for business to hire your friends as well? Is it bad for business to have your title be “Bad 4 Business”? Or to have your 5 year old nephew do your graphics?

Host Jerry Ferrara will give commentary on the daily things that make you wanna laugh, cry, and punch people.”

For everyone’s safety, we hope there is no punching when the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey joins Jerry’s podcast this Friday. Ronda will also be making a cameo along side Jerry (Turtle), in the upcoming “Entourage” movie which hits theaters in June of 2015.

Make sure you follow Jerry Ferrara’s Bad 4 Business on these social media channels to find out when the Ronda Rousey featured podcast will air. Watch for it on iTunes as well.



Ronda Rousey & Jerry Ferrara

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