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WINNERS of the UFC 175 Ronda Rousey contest

Ronda Rousey UFC 175 Contest - Xyience & Armbar Nation

Xyience and Armbar Nation would first like to thank everyone who entered. We appreciate your support and for the lucky winners below congratulations. Winners will be contacted by email shortly.

Grand Prize Winner - Ronda Rousey UFC 175 Contest

Grand Prize

One (1) Grand Prize winner and one (1) guest will receive fight tickets to UFC 175 on July 5th taking place in Las Vegas, NV and an opportunity to do an exclusive meet and greet with Ronda Rousey on July 6th.

  • Vanessa Borquez

2nd Place Winners - Ronda Rousey UFC 175 Contest

2nd Place Winners

Five (5) second place winners will receive a Ronda Rousey autographed Armbar Nation shirt.

  • Justin Stephanie Gregg Duncan
  • Walter Davis III
  • Dez Jamison
  • Josh Thornton
  • Robin Rhoades Millard

3rd Place Winners - Ronda Rousey UFC 175 Contest

3rd Place Winners

Five (5) winners that enter their email address will receive an autographed Ronda Rousey Cherry Lime Xyience® Xenergy® can.

  • Matt Staton
  • Jordan McDonald
  • Dan Teague
  • Jenn New Moon
  • Jeremy Hernandez

4th Place Winners - Ronda Rousey UFC 175 Contest

4th Place Winners

Five (5) winners will receive a Xyience/Armbar Nation Ronda Rousey autographed poster.

  • Rob Karnes
  • William Thomas Brumley
  • Chris Conway
  • jolat
  • Kit Crawford
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