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Ronda Rousey’s Free Rice Feeds 46,707 people

Ronda Rousey UFC 175 Free Rice Campaign Winners

UFC 175 is in the books and so is another win for Ronda Rousey. As impressive as her 16 second performance was, the loyalty and support of her fans continues to reach all new heights. Together with your help, Ronda Rousey’s Free Rice Campaign over her last five fights has donated over 158 million grains of rice. This means that 46,707 hungry people were able to eat because of all of your contributions.

We also appreciate your patience during Ronda’s recovery in receiving these prizes. Your support has not gone unnoticed, and to show our appreciation we are mailing out a total of 30 autographed XYIENCE/Armbar Nation Ronda Rousey posters to our weekly winners, and 9 specialty items listed below to those who donated 1 million grains of rice or more.

You can visit Ronda Rousey’s Official Website – (CLICK HERE) for the complete list of winners.

What did you win?

For those of you who donated over 1 million grains of rice, we have a special gift for you. You will receive either an autographed Ronda Rousey XYIENCE Can, a custom black & white autographed drawing, or an autographed pair of Monster headphones. We will be meeting with Ronda on Wednesday to get some of these items signed, so the winners will receive them shortly thereafter. Thank you to everyone who participated, we are proud to have made a positive difference in over 46,000 people lives.

Ryan Griffore - Armbar Nation

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