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Ronda Rousey ranks #3 in ticket sales for UFC

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When it comes to sports apparel, almost every the major sports organization has a market with the big name company’s such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. Much like the NHL has Sidney Crosby, the UFC has Ronda Rousey. Although the qualities that makes them a superstar in their respective sports can vary, there is on critical need in order to be the face of any organization; Marketability! A champions work ethic can catapult them to the top, but their ability to connect with the media and fans can take them anywhere.

In just over one years time, Ronda Rousey has successfully defended her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Title 4 times, filmed 3 separate movies, and graced the cover of many magazines. Her commitment to sign every last fans autograph, and answer every last question the media asks while remaining humble in all of those interactions are qualities that are not being overlooked.

“The UFC is “actively engaged in conversations” with a “premium apparel line” for an exclusive deal to outfit the league’s 400-plus fighters, said Mossholder, who would not reveal the outfitter. Since Rousey’s the “No. 1 most requested athlete” by UFC sponsors like MetroPCS, it’s “highly likely” she’d be highlighted. Reps from Nike, Under Armour and Adidas either declined to comment or could not be reached.”
Will Ronda Rousey Be the Face of the UFC’s Next Major Sponsorship Deal? by Michael McCarthy

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