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Mandy Lion’s new single “Get Some” inspired by Ronda Rousey

Mandy Lion - Get Some | Written for Ronda Rousey

You can check out Mandy Lion’s new single “Get Some” in the video below. After seeing Ronda fight, Mandy was inspired to write this song for her.

Mandy Lion is the originator of the extreme power vocal. Generations have tried to duplicate what Lion created years ago but none have succeeded. Combine Rob Zombie’s intense growl combined with Ronnie James Dio’s explosive delivery and Rob Halford’s infinite range to boot.

Mandy Lion is:
Mandy Lion (WWIII, Wicked Alliance) – Vocals
Dan McNay (Montrose) – Bass
Toni Aleman – Guitars
Lez Warner (The Cult) – Drums

Visit Mandy Lion’s Facebook Page to download before August 23.

For more information about the Aug. 23 2014 Ramona Mainstage Venue visit RamonaMainstage.com.

“This song is written for Ronda Rousey.”
Mandy Lion

Mandy Lion would like to thank Wes and Melissa Anderson of Rockwell Unscene for the video and Jeff Sabado for the sound used in this little promo clip.

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