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Gompers Judo – practice makes perfect at Millennia MMA

Gompers Judo Practice

One of the most beneficial things any athlete can take in is experience. The students of the Gompers Middle School Judo program got that opportunity again thanks to the generous donation from 7 Generation Games. The funds donated to Gompers allowed the students to travel to Rancho Cucamonga on Friday and practice at Millennia MMA under Sensei Gary Butts & Sensei AnnMaria De Mars. This in itself can be considered very rewarding as they now get to work with other students they are not accustom to, therefore forcing them to grow and learn outside of their traditional environment. The opportunity to learn from someone new is always valuable, even more so when the people teaching have a tremendous Judo background and World Championship.

Gary Butts Judo Throw

Sensei Gary Butts demonstrates a throw during a practice at Millennia MMA with special guests Gompers Judo.

The students put in a hard 2 hour practice session, before heading back to the hotel for a little fun at the pool. The team then headed out to a local Applebee’s for dinner where they had their pick of literally anything on the menu. It seemed as those the ribs were a popular choice amongst the group. Overall it was a great night leading up to the main reason they were in town, which was for the Great Guerreros Family Shiai that took place today.

Rowdy Armbar - Judo

Things always seem to get a little Rowdy when Dr. AnnMaria De Mars is teaching Judo.

With experiences like these, more kids are seeing the benefits of participating. This doesn’t only make them a better athlete, but helps to build their character, their confidence, and most importantly their opportunity to succeed. It’s not always about winning or being the best. Sometimes just having the courage to stand up and challenge someone who is bigger, stronger, with more experience teaches you more then if you finished in first place.

How can you help enrich the lives of more students?

Sensei’s AnnMaria De Mars and Gary Butts offer their time and expertise to benefit and enrich the lives of their students however trips like these often have a cost. Any contribution helps, and with your generous donations we can continue to enrich the lives of new student’s who join the program and give them the opportunity to participate in something they couldn’t on their own. Together we can help generate the funds needed for new Gi’s, Floor Mats, and allow the students to participate in tournaments.

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Dr. AnnMaria De Mars - Gompers Judo

All smiles at Millennia MMA Judo practice until Dr. AnnMaria De Mars demonstrated her throw on them.

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