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Gompers Judo competes at the Great Guerreros Family Shiai

Great Guerreros Family Shiai - Gompers Judo

Day 2 of this trip greeted the student’s of Gompers Judo with an early wake up call Saturday morning as they had to check out of their hotel and head to La Puente for tournament day at the Great Guerreros Family Shiai. This opportunity to compete was made possible by the generous donation from 7 Generation Games that covered the all expenses for the student’s.

The student’s showed their skills and their heart as they competed hard. In between each match the team members were always focused on the match at hand and supporting their fellow Judoka’s. This can most likely be attributed to the attention to detail that both Sensei AnnMaria De Mars and Jose Gonzales provide to each of their students. When they have something to say, everyone certainly listens. Whether they are yelling from the side of the mat during a match, or demonstrating a technique in between their commitment to the student athlete is exemplary.

That being said there was some frustration in some of their losses which shows the passion that is needed to succeed. When frustrations grew high, a coach was quick to diffuse it by connecting with them directly. They would commend them on their effort, but also explain in detail the strengths/weaknesses they identified so that in practice it will enable them to avoid a similar future defeat. After all, one’s ability to grow in defeat will often propel them to greatness.

Gompers Judo competes at Guerreros Judo Tournament

As the tournament came to a close, the Gompers Judo program took home 6 trophies in total, but more importantly the experience of competing against some of the best in the area. Even though some of their opponents showed more experience the Gompers student’s all seem to embrace Ronda’s motto “Nobody has the right to beat you!”.

As Sensei AnnMaria De Mars stated in a team meeting outside before they made their trip back to Los Angeles.

“I’m proud of you all. Some of those kids have years of experience over you and you still stood up to them and kept pushing forward!”

These students certainly respect and listen to AnnMaria and the coaches at Gompers. How do we know this? Because at the end of practice Friday she had this life lesson to share, whhich obviously goes to show that these students are working on implementing it in both Judo and life based on their work ethics.

How can you help enrich the lives of more students?

UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey and Sensei AnnMaria De Mars offer their time and expertise to benefit and enrich the lives of their students however trips like these often have a cost. Any contribution helps, and with your generous donations we can continue to enrich the lives of new student’s who join the program and give them the opportunity to participate in something they couldn’t on their own. Together we can help generate the funds needed for new Gi’s, Floor Mats, and allow the students to participate in tournaments.

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