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Charity Auction items to help fund blind athlete

Ronda Rousey Auction

No one has the right to beat you. That is something we truly believe in, just like everyone has the right to compete. We are have several Ronda Rousey autographed items up for auction to help Michael Larsen (and a few other great causes), an athlete of the Blind Judo Foundation with a rare eye disease leaving him blind, later deaf and bullied. Mike has since learned to overcome his disabilities with training in Judo under the coaching leadership of legendary Coach Willy Cahill. Now thirty-four years old, Michael will be heading to Heidelberg, Germany for an International Judo Training Camp and International German Judo Championship Tournament for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

The funds would go towards tournaments in Brazil and training camp the Senior Nationals which will be the trials for the world team. After that a training camp in Japan, the US Open in August world championships in November the Continental Crown in Seattle Washington state and to end the year he hopes to attend the Presidents cup which in the last two years he has won gold in 2012, and Silver in 2013.

Michael is also ranked number one in the visually impaired division and was also in 2013 ranked number one in the Masters division where he was the only Blind Judo Athlete.

“Thank you for doing this for me it really makes me happy that this organization is reaching out to me so that I can reach my goals in competition.” – Michael Larsen

Feeling Judo: Teaser #1 from Steven Simon on Vimeo.


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