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Ronda Rousey’s final striking workout at GFC before UFC 170

Ronda Rousey UFC 170 Training

On February 22nd at UFC 170, Ronda Rousey (8-0) will defend her UFC Bantamweight Title against top contender Sara McMann (7-0). Fights like these are always highly anticipated when you have two Olympians who sport undefeated records; Rousey won an bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Judo and McMann who won a silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics in wrestling. Since both women have medaled in the Olympics in their respective sports, this should be one of the most viewed WMMA fights in history.

With only 2 weeks left until UFC 170, Armbar Nation sat in to watch Ronda’s final striking practice at Glendale Fighting Club. The champion was in her true form as she was put through a gruelling workout with full striking as well as some serious mittwork.

For those serious MMA collectors out there, Ronda Rousey will be auctioning off the training warps she used during this UFC 170 private workout in the near future. So you will certainly want to check back with us later.

Check out some of Armbar Nation’s photos below of Ronda Rousey’s final striking workout before UFC 170.

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