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Ronda Rousey is auctioning off her UFC 168 fight wraps for charity

Ronda Rousey - UFC 168 Fight Wraps

With UFC 168 in the books and her Championship defended, Ronda Rousey has found another way to give back to the community and to help out St. John the Baptist Church.

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Father Michael Gutierrez was the family parish priest for most of Ronda and her family’s life. After 10 years at St. Anne’s in Santa Monica, Father Michael was transferred to St. John the Baptist in Baldwin Park, a diverse community where masses are given every Sunday in English, Spanish and Tagalog. The church is very active in social justice issues, taking to heart the Biblical injunctions to feed the hungry, comfort the sick and visit the imprisoned.

The church will be remodelling the chapel to make it available for perpetual adoration. In short, many of us remember when we were young you could go into the church any time of the day or night. It was never locked because who would dream of robbing a church? Well, that’s just not true any more, unfortunately.

A chapel for perpetual adoration is actually open 24/7 and people come into pray all of the time. In fact, members of the parish will volunteer to come and pray one or two hours a week so that there is ALWAYS someone in the chapel at prayer.

Of course, it is not only open to members of the parish or those who have volunteered for that hour. So, if you work the midnight shift, are on your way to Las Vegas for a fight or just are having a bad time, you can go into the chapel and pray any time of the day or night.

There are safety locks, though, because no one wants their 92-year-old grandmother praying all alone at 4 a.m. with anyone able to walk right in. Part of the cost of remodelling the chapel is to put combination locks on the doors so that at odd hours the chapel can be locked but anyone from the parish can get access to it.

Another part of the remodelling is the need to provide pews and kneelers. They are also planning on putting a statue of St. Joan of Arc in the chapel along with the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Total cost of remodelling is expected to be $15,000-20,000. I was amazed the cost was so low until he pointed out to me that labor is donated by parishioners.

Ronda will be auctioning the following items:

Her UFC 168 ‘Fight Wraps’ that she wore when she defeated Miesha Tate to retain her UFC Bantamweight Championship, which bare the official signature markings of the Athletic Commission’s Approval.

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