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Congratulations to all of our Contest Winners

Ronda Rousey Free Rice - UFC 170

First of all, we would like to thank all of the fans who continuously support Ronda Rousey & Armbar Nation. Over the last year with your help, we have helped raised money for injured fighter Frida Wallberg, sent 6 young students from Gompers Middle School in Los Angeles to compete in a Judo Tournament in Kansas City, and raised money for the Seven Stars Foundation.

Most recently, between Ronda’s last five fights, together we have donated over 128 Million grains of rice to the World Food Programme. Since one bowl of rice is about 3,400 grains, that is enough to feed approximately 37,778 people!

With your generous contributions we have all helped to make the world a better place. And with your continued support we hope to continue to do so long into the future.

Here is a list of the winners for Ronda Rousey’s Free Rice Top Contributors, the 4 Horsewomen Contest, and the Lockerdome ‘5 Round Giveaways’ contest. Congratulations to those below, and thanks to everyone for all the support.

Ronda Rousey Free Rice

Week 1 – Top 5 Winners

Week 2 – Top 5 Winners

Week 3 – Top 5 Winners

Week 4 – Top 5 Winners

Week 5 – Top Winners

4 Horsewomen Armbar Nation Contest

4 Horsewomen Contest

Week #1 – Eric Palacio

Week #2 – Jerry Blackwell

Week #3 – Kylea Vetsch

Week #4 – Danielle Holmes

Week #5 – Dena Matthews

Ronda Rousey Lockerdome Contest

Week 1: Lynne – @inkmeon3

Week 2: Ken Allard – @vadersdarkside

Week 3: Vanessa Borquez – @vanessaborquez

Week 4: Ray Lynn – @ray127Lynn

Week 5: Randy Ross – @lowkey0077

***If you are one of the winners mentioned above, please email us at TeamRousey@rondarousey.net so that we can confirm your information and ship you your prizes.

Ryan Griffore - Armbar Nation

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