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Winners of tonight’s @TUFFnUFF PPV Passes

TUFFnUFF | Armbar Nation

Thank you to everyone who entered the TUFF-N-UFF PPV contest today. If you see if you see your name below, please contact Armbar Nation on our Facebook page or DM us on Twitter for your free PPV pass for tonight’s TUFF-N-UFF event.

Here are the winners and what they enjoy most about watching MMA:

My love of MMA in short saved my life, when I was over 450lbs simply watching the television non stop MMA was one of my loves, when I finally decided to get off my ass and get into the gym I visited the local MMA gym, and while I didn’t train MMA while I was there just being around the fighters and the environment is what kept me coming back day in and day out!!! Seeing the work that goes into something that can last 6 seconds or 25 minutes made me consider how much work was needed to go into life and into getting healthy!!! Having the Mana, or warrior spirit, has defined my journey just as it defines the journey of many fighters. There must be something down deep inside to be a fighter whether it be in a cage or whether it is just going through life!!!! Why do I love MMA/WMMA because it puts the warrior spirit in the forefront of society!!!!
Chadwick Church

There are many reasons I love to watch mixed martial arts. Growing up a fan of pro wrestling (please wait to throw your stones until I’m finished) I enjoy the athleticism and the whole build of a fight. You have 2 people fighting for something, whether it’s for a belt, pride or money. I’ve also been a fan of martial arts since I was a kid. My favorite overall aspect of MMA are the personalities of different fighters. Some fighters are blunt and honest like Ronda Rousey while others can insight a crowd like Chael Sonnen. Then you have a lot of fighters who come from humble backgrounds and have faced adversity in their lives. Fighters like Sara McMann and Daniel Cormier, who have endured tragic losses, yet they continue to fight on.
Al Stover

I started watching mma when I was 16 at a friends house having a party. I was uninterested in the drunkness of it all and sat down next thing I know I’m surrounded by the guys drinking beers cheering and I was hooked. I wanted to study the moves the ability to combine these arts and to completely dominate your opponent. 🙂 there has been such talent and athleticism displayed over the years. Now I have seen first hand what these men go through from knowing ammeter and professional fighters. It takes so much drive and passion, dedication and sacrifice. Love to all those that fight train or are involved in this sport ♡
Devin Feck


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Did You Know… | TUFF-N-UFF Facts

  • 7 of the cast members of the last season of TUF were Tuff-N-Uff veterans: Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir, Chris Holdsworth, Anthony Gutierrez, Jessamyn Duke, Colleen Schneider and Tonya Evinger
  • Over 1000 athletes have competed for Tuff-N-Uff
  • Barry promoted Tuff-N-Uff’s first event on June 18th, 1994. I believe this makes Tuff-N-uff one of the longest running mma promotions in the world.
  • Barry lobbied the NSAC for roughly a year in order to seek approval for amateur mma in nevada
  • Tuff-N-Uff co-promoted Chuck Norris’ WCL, Shooto, ADCC, Bodog and most notably UFC Fight Week 2013. I believe that makes Tuff-N-Uff the only mma promotion in the country to have the UFC’s logo on our collateral
  • Tuff-N-Uff has been featured on the following TV Shows: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO CNN:Presents Bad Girls Club on Oxygen Channel Inside MMA on AXS TV Sports Center on ESPN
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