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Roxanne – UFC 168 Contest Winner Shares Her Experience

Roxanne - Armbar Nation Contest Winner

Armbar Nation & Xyience had the chance to meet Roxanne at the UFC 168 event we held at The Las Vegas Fight Shop. She was so excited and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of that experience with her. We asked Roxanne to share her whole experience and this is what she had to say.


So everyone at work knows how much I LOVE Ronda Rousey. When I found out that she was going to be fighting Miesha Tate I quickly looked into the cost of attending such an amazing fight. Unfortunately, it was way out of my league. My co-worker, Steven, ran across the Xyience contest and shared the information with me. From that point forward I became obsessed with buying Xyience Energy drinks in order to get the codes to enter the contest. Those drinks are amazing! They gave me so much energy and all my co-workers knew when I had one to drink…LOL. I would walk around the office joking, singing and was in a great mood every time I had one. I joked about winning the contest and even agreed to take my co-worker, Steven, with me if I won since he had been the one to tell me about the contest. I really wanted to win but when you enter a contest like this, your chances very slim, so I also made plans to order the UFC fight on Pay per view and have a “Team Rousey” party. One way or another I was going to watch Ronda Rousey dominate the octagon against Miesha Tate. On, December 17, I was at work when I received the email notifying me that I was the grand prize winner for the Ronda Rousey meet and greet at UFC 168 in Las Vegas. At first, I was in shock and thought maybe it was a joke. I read the email a few times before it actually hit me, I WON!!! You can’t imagine how excited I was. It was such an amazing feeling to know that I was going to be meeting THE Ronda Rousey. From that point forward, I was in heaven.


That evening, I received a call from Aimee, who was the Marketing Coordinator with Xyience. She confirmed my winnings and immediately made herself available to me for any questions I had. For the next few days I was in constant contact with Aimee, who made sure everything was in order for our trip, even though she was on a family vacation.


On December 25th, Steven and I boarded our flights to Las Vegas. We arrived that evening and checked into the MGM Grand. That evening we were able to walk the Vegas Strip and enjoy the surroundings. December 26th, was the Meet and Greet and the UFC 168 Press Conference. We met up with Aimee, who was even nicer in person. We also met with Blair, from UFC. They both were very friendly and welcoming. As the time got closer for the meet and greet, I became more and more nervous. I was about to meet Ronda Rousey!!!!. What was I going to say? How would I react? At this point, I’m freaking out! The moment finally came, the door opened and there she was….RONDA ROUSEY. I was on cloud 9. I was expecting a quick picture and short conversation, after all fighters don’t usually appear to be very friendly, but I was wrong. As we walked into the room she looked over at us and gave us a HUGE welcoming smile, which helped take some of the edge off. She was in great spirits and always had a smile on her face. She allowed us to take several pictures and even talked to us about her family and career. At that moment, all the nerves disappeared and I felt very relaxed and comfortable around her. She even gave me one of the shirts that she wore on the Ultimate Fighter Show! The whole meet and greet experience was so much more than I had ever imagined it would it be. Meeting Ronda Rousey was a dream come true and the highlight of my trip. Immediately after the meet and greet we were able to attend the UFC 168 Press Conference. Being able to see all the stars of UFC was amazing.


The next day, December 27th, we attended the UFC 168 Weigh-Ins at the MGM Grand. Seeing every fighter get weighed in and watching them staredown with their opponents was intense! We even got to meet and take pictures with Joe Rogan and take pictures INSIDE the octagon, where all the action would happen. That evening we were invited to attend the Armbar Nation autograph session which was held at the Las Vegas UFC Fight Shop. Once there we met Jessica and Ryan, who work for Armbar Nation and treated us like VIP’s. We were also able to meet and take pictures with Raquel Pennington, Jessamyn Duke, Shayna Bazler & Marina Shafir. An amazing group of women!


December 28th…Fight Day!! After the 3 previous days filled with meet and greets, press conferences and weigh-ins the day had finally arrived. My trip up to this point had been amazing but watching Ronda Rousey in action, especially against her archenemy, was an awesome experience all on it’s own. Every fight was great but the Rousey/Tate fight was incredible. I nearly lost my voice screaming and cheering for Ronda. I was on such an amazing high with all the adrenaline from that fight. This fight made the whole trip so much more memorable.


Thank you to everyone at Xyeince, Armbar Nation, Team Rousey, UFC and Ronda Rousey. I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for everyone that made this trip possible. Special thank you to Amiee, Blair, Jessica and Ryan….each and every one of you treated us like VIPs and made sure we had the greatest experience ever. THANK YOU!!




Roxanne Gonzalez

Armbar Nation & Xyience had the chance to meet Roxanne at the UFC 168 event we held at The Las Vegas Fight Shop.

Armbar Nation & Xyience had the chance to meet Roxanne at the UFC 168 event we held at The Las Vegas Fight Shop.

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