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Meet WMMA Superstars Raquel Pennington, Shayna Baszler, and Jessamyn Duke

Meet the Armbar Nation Fighters

Armbar Nation Event 12.27.13

If you’re still pumped up from the excitement of the UFC 168 weigh-ins, we have just the event for you! You can meet TUF 18 superstars and enter into our FREE Raffle to WIN autographed memorabilia. Not to mention we have 250 Ronda Rousey posters to give away to the first 250 people!
UFC168 Post Weigh-in Event

Sponsored By
Armbar Nation | Las Vegas Fight Shop | Xyience | Onboard Sightseeing Tours – Fight Tour

Armbar Nation Sponsored Fighters Attending

  • Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke
  • Shayna “The Queen of Spades” Baszler
  • Raquel “Rocky” Pennington

Event Date & Time
December 27th, 2013 @ 6:00 – 7:30pm

Location of the Event
Miracle Mile Shops – Mall Map Directory | Las Vegas Fight Shop – Suite # 275 | (702) 366-0502

Official UFC 168 Schedule:

PRE-FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE: Thursday, December 26- 1pm PST
FIGHT CLUB Q & A: Friday, December 27- 2pm PST
OFFICIAL WEIGH-IN:  Friday, December 27- 4pm PST
POST-FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE: Saturday, December 28- 9:30PST


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