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All Liz Carmouche wants for Christmas is to coach on TUF 20

Liz- Carmouche TUF20 Coach - UFC

The 20th season of The Ultimate Fighter has been announced, and it needs a coach. Armbar Nation picks Liz Carmouche as our top choice. With yet another historic event happening in WMMA, it only makes sense to have Carmouche mentor the upcoming talent of the newly created Strawweight class as they fight their way to become the first-ever UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion in 2014. Check out this tweet Liz tweeted out to her fans on Tuesday, December 19th:

Armbar Nation wants to make sure Liz has a Merry Christmas, so we are breaking down our top 5 reasons Liz Carmouche would make a great coach.

#5 | She owns a piece of WMMA history with Ronda Rousey by contending for the Bantamweight Championship in the first-ever Women’s MMA fight inside the Octagon.

#4 | She can also be proud of putting Ronda Rousey to her biggest test during the UFC 157 main event, when she caught Ronda in a vicious neck crank in attempt of a rear naked choke.

#3 | She is gracious in victory and humble in defeat. She knows what it’s like to be at the pinnacle of both success and rebuilding. Not to mention she was a special guest coach for Team Rousey on TUF18.

#2 | Her MMA training is world class, but her military training and life experience while serving five years in the Marine Corps as a helicopter electrician, during which she did three tours of duty in the Middle East, is unprecedented with regards to the values she can offer as a coach.

#1 | She selflessly puts her life on the line for her countrymen by defending the freedoms we embrace, and asks for nothing in return but the respect of a woman in uniform.

But these are just our top 5 reasons – let us know in thecomments below why you think Liz Carmouche would be a great coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

Liz Carmouche - Marine Corps

Liz embodies a quality of success that brings out the best in people, and that is what you want when you are looking for a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. Someone with passion, someone with the right amount of anger, and someone who is willing to sacrifice her greater good for another. As far as we are concerned, Liz has this locked down, but we need you, the fans, to show your support.

If you think Liz Carmouche should be a coach on TUF 20, you know what to do.

Ronda Rousey Vs. Liz Carmouche

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