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The Four Horsemen…I mean Four Horsewomen of MMA

Ronda Rousey and the horsewomen

Thanks to Al Stover for submitting his response as to why Ronda, Marina, Shayna and Jessamyn are great ambassadors for WMMA. Please visit his page to view his most recent posts.

“I want to start out by giving a warning right now and say that this response will have some references to professional wrestling and I know how angry MMA fans get when a hint of “wrasslin” gets close to mixed martial arts. That said, Shayna is a fan of pro wrestling so this makes it okay.

I was watching a documentary on Ric Flair and the Four Horseman and I told myself that Baszler, Duke, Shafer and Ronda Rousey could like a Four Horseman type of group.

All three of these women, along with Ronda, make great ambassadors for not only women’s MMA, but also all of mixed martial arts.

I’ll take Shayna first. The Queen of Spades, one of the most charismatic fighters on the planet. Some fans may be turned off by her trash talking and the things she does on the way to cage, like carry a guitar – yet I am sure some of these same fans will rag on other fighters for being what they perceive as boring.

I look at Shayna as the Arn Anderson of the group. Both are great workers and they are slick on the microphone. She is also an enforcer can work her ass off in the ring/cage.

Ronda is obviously the Ric Flair of the group. Both are world champions. Great submission specialists and tacticians. They also have a way of putting over their opponents and getting the crowd going whether the fans love them or hate them. Many of the fans who don’t like Ronda are reacting to her in a way that pro wrestling fans react to the heels. In their eyes, Ronda’s and rivalry toward Miesha Tate and her team could be similar to how Flair and the Horsemen feuded with Dusty Rhodes and his allies.

Jessamyn is like the Barry Windam of the group. They both have the height advantage over their opponents and they know their way around the cage/ring. Like Windam, Jessamyn has a lot of potential and I think she will become a world champion.

Marina is kind of like Tully Blanchard when the Horsemen first started up. I don’t know much about Marina – similar to how I didn’t know a lot about Tully when I watched wrestling. Both have the association of the group, but are also stars in their own right. The way Marina has called out Miesha and her team is kind of like Tully calling out Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A. … and for anyone who is angry that I am comparing Tate to the American Dream, I apologize.

So how does comparing Baszler, Duke, Shafir and Rousey to one of the most despised, yet respected groups in wrestling history, make them great ambassador in the sport? If you asked a lot of fans of the business, they would tell you that the Horsemen had an impact on business and helped made it better. They made big money and they had some amazing feuds over the years. All four of these men were also respected in their field. Yes, they have their critics and detractors, but these four are also some of the most respected performers of their day.

Likewise these four fighters have had some amazing highlight reel moments and will continue to do so for years to come. I think in several years, fans and critics will have the same respect for these four fighters.”

Ryan Griffore - Armbar Nation

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