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Swedish boxer Frida Wallberg on the road to recovery

frida-wallberg-charity On June 16th Swedish boxer Frida Wallberg was hospitalized after her fight with Diana Prazak in Stockholm, Sweden. Wallberg was defending her WBC Super featherweight belt, and fighting for the WBAN Super Featherweight belt against Prazak. She was placed in a medically induced coma after receiving emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain from a cerebral hemorrhage.

After learning of her injury, Armbar Nation & Ronda Rousey teamed up to help raise $2,007 and support injured female boxer Frida Wallberg. To learn more about this cause please visit our website or Watch the VIDEO.

Armbar Nation reached out to Robert Stridsberg, Frida’s boyfriend and promoter, about her recovery and to see how she is progressing. Here is what Robert shared with Armbar Nation.


“Frida’s health is getting better and better. She is in her house where her parents lives next to her. Her daughter lives with her she have the strength to taking care of her (6 years). Frida’s problem today is her headache that is à problem for her. She is not taking Any medication anymore. Then she have sometimes little hard to find words. But everything is going in the right direction. Her physiqe is getting  better… she is doing 3 runs à week à distance of 9 kilometers. And her rehab training in the gym With weights getting forward to… getting stronger and stronger.

Please make a big thank you to all fans of Ronda Rousey who care and support Ronda’s support of Frida’s recovery! It is a big deal and emotional feeling for her for all the support you all have given her.”

If you would like to follow Frida during her recovery, or send her a message wishing her well during her recovery, you can connect with her on instagram or twitter.


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