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Michael Wootten responds to questions about Ronda Rousey’s coaching ability

Contestant Michael Wooten from season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter recently interviewed with DirtysMMACorner to discuss the behinds the scenes footage of the show. When asked about Ronda’s coaching abilities, here is what Wootten had to say.

“She was a fantastic coach, fantastic training partner and she was always there for you whether or not you needed someone to help you cut weight, and weather or not you needed a little bit of extra help in a certain area or, you know, she’d come around, you know, and make sure everyone was ok, how you were feeling, and you know, she’d do, she’d do a lot of things that the cameras aren’t showing. And she was very focused on us, on us, as in, you know the people involved in the show.  And the things that are going on between the coaches and the rivalry and things like that, you know, she wanted to keep all of that at bay because at the end of the day she wanted the attention to be on us.”

Wootten also commented when asked about rumors of how Miesha Tate intentionally antagonized Ronda in order to get a response for the cameras.

“I think she [Ronda] was just more frustrated at the fact that they were getting told not to do any pranks, you’re strictly here for us, just training, where as it didn’t really seem like the other team were getting them same instructions cause they kept on trying pranks, and trying to wind the coaching staff up, wind Edmond up, and things like that so, I think that’s what kind of frustrated the coaching staff.”

Wootten covers several other topics throughout the 23 minute interview but sums it by making his prediction as to who would would be the UFC Bantamweight Champion on December 28th in Las Vegas at UFC 168.

“Ronda. All day, all day. I could see a similar result as last time.”

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