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Haunted Housey Contest – What can you find?

With Halloween right around the corner we decided to have a little fun with our fans. Do you remember when you were younger and you were given a picture in which you had to find all the hidden items hiding in the picture? Well, we figured what better way to get us ready for Halloween then to offer our own Armbar Nation, Ronda Rousey inspired mystery picture. If this isn’t a great reason to take some time out of your day for some fun, we are also giving away an autographed Ronda Rousey picture or Ronda Rousey T-shirt to one lucky winner… all you have to do is enter the contest.

How do I enter the Haunted Housey Contest?

Visit the official contest page – Haunted Housey Contest and make sure you read the Contest Rules & Tips.

Ryan Griffore - Armbar Nation

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