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A message to Ronda from a fan in New Zealand

“Not sure if you read this as you would get so many messages, but I’m a huge boxing fan and when MMA came on the scene I wasn’t a fan. But after appreciating the different skills each discipline has, I’m now a big fan. I was never a fan of females fighting but you have changed my mind- you are amazing! I love your attitude, heart, skills, and self-belief and the saying “no one has the right to beat you” sums it up. With your attitude, you could be successful at whatever you want to do. But while your fighting, I will be watching and supporting you.”

– Cheers Fraser from good old New Zealand

Thanks to Fraser Halley in New Zealand for sending his message to Armbar Nation today. If you’d like to share your stories, photos, or questions with Armbar Nation, please email them to TeamRousey@armbarnation.com.

Ronda Rousey & Manny Gamburyan

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