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Shayna Baszler goes “The Distance” with Armbar Nation

Shayna Baszler - Team Rousey

Image Source – UFC/Zuffa/Special to FOXSports.com
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Recently Armbar Nation caught up with The Ultimate Fighter 18 MMA star and member of Team Rousey, the ‘Queen of Spades’ Shayna Baszler. Shayna was kind enough to share some of her time and answer a few things that we think will help clarify what we are seeing on The Ultimate Fighter 18 reality series. She also shares with us some of the things she took away from her experience and what she wishes to impart the future generations with when she calls it a career.

[qa question=”What is the one thing you learned from your TUF18 experience that carries the most value?”] The lesson I learned that carried the most value, was to fight. Every. Single. Second.[/qa]
[qa question=”Ronda was quoted saying… ‘this other girl doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air.’ With MMA growing and bringing in new fans, how do you explain this to new viewers who don’t fully understand the purpose of ‘pumping a fighter up’ or ‘hyping the fight’ before a fight?”] Every fighter prepares for a fight differently. Some need to make extra effort to stay calm. Others prefer to be pumped up. Talking with Ronda during my cut in the sauna, I let her know, I need a good healthy amount of offended anger. Even if it’s my best friend I’m fighting in there, I find a reason to not like them while we are in the cage. Even moreso if it’s a friend. And for people that don’t know, cornering a fighter is almost more nerve wracking than fighting. I think her saying that was as much for herself as it was for me.[/qa]
[qa question=”As a direct contributor to the growth of WMMA and a role model for the younger generations, what is the message or the legacy you would most like to convey?”] I would like to convey that you can do anything. You can be who you want, and that no one but YOU can set limits on what you can do. Everyone trying to limit you is just doing so because they failed to lift themselves.[/qa]
[qa question=”You were just quoted saying… ‘And I will go on forever to say that the QoS and the Queen’s Army will forever be a part of Armbar Nation, until the day when we face each other on the battlefield.’ Can you explain a little bit of what you meant by that?”] When I said that at the end of my blog, I meant that I will always have Ronda’s back. For the simple fact that she had mine and I reward loyalty with loyalty. And that I expect the Queen’s Army (my fans) to join with Armbar Nation (Ronda’s fans) in this. Until the day we meet in the cage. Ronda having the belt, it’s obvious to her and everyone that if we are in this sport, the ultimate goal is beating her. She knows this. And she knows I fully expect to meet her in there one day. Then our respective armies can take up arms against eachother, until we shake hands again at the end of the fight.[/qa]
[qa question=”Rousey vs Tate at UFC 168 in December who wins? (What round, and how?)”] I have competed against Miesha a few times. I spent 6 weeks training with Ronda 2x a day every day. Ronda wins. Probably by armbar, but only because she will choose that, not because it’s her only choice.[/qa]

You can catch Shayna Baszler and the rest of Team Rousey during The Ultimate Fighter 18 airing every Wednesday at 10pm EST on Fox Sports 1.

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