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Peggy Morgan goes “The Distance” with Armbar Nation

Peggy Morgan - Team Rousey

Image Source – UFC/Zuffa/Special to FOXSports.com
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When it comes to ground and pound in the octagon Ronda Rousey said it best… “Peggy don’t give a f*%k!” Peggy Morgan stands tall in the bantamweight division at 6′ in height, thus making for an intimidating sight when you stand toe to toe. But Peggy won’t just beat you with her fists, she can take you down with her words if she so chooses. Having studied Literature at University of New Hampshire, Peggy shares with us her journey into the world of MMA and more.

[qa question=”With regards to the TUF house, you were quoted as saying, ‘If a waterfall in the swimming pool isn’t opulence, I don’t know what is.’ It is clear that your literature studies at the University of New Hampshire were a success… what was your main reason for pursuing a career in MMA?”] I never really intended to pursue a career in MMA. I’d boxed as an amateur throughout college and graduate school, but I stopped in 2008 and then had my son, Oliver in 2009. I started learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in early 2011. The guys I trained with figured out I knew how to strike and convinced me to take an amateur MMA fight. My first fight was in January 2012, and I haven’t looked back since. From the beginning, my intention has just been to have fun with it and take it as far as I can.[/qa]
[qa question=”With the cameras on you at all times and emotions running high, what advice would you give to future contestants competing on The Ultimate Fighter?”] I’d tell future contestants of The Ultimate Fighter to be themselves. Being fake or playing to the cameras just makes you look like a phony or an attention whore. Don’t try to start drama just to get attention because you aren’t going to like the attention you get. Also, remember to brush your hair. I didn’t brush my hair once the entire season, and I look like a grubby tomboy. [/qa]
[qa question=”For a while now we have heard that everyone who was on the show secretly wanted to be on Team Rousey. Care to weigh in on this?”] I definitely had the sense that almost everyone in the house secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to be on our team. I think this was partly because our team was very cohesive. We genuinely liked one another and worked well together. There was a lot of contention and drama among the members of Team Tate. I also think the general impression was that our coaching staff was more organized than Team Tate’s. Team Tate had great coaches, but from what I heard, it sounds like they didn’t always have a lot of direction. I really felt like Ronda and the other coaches were there to help us, and they made the experience much easier than it would have been without them.[/qa]
[qa question=”You summarized the TUF18 experience as ‘college meets The Hunger Games’… if you were in The Hunger Games what would your strategy be?”] Obviously if I were in The Hunger Games I’d hide in a tree until everyone else had killed each other. Duhhhh.[/qa]
[qa question=”UFC 165 is in Toronto, Canada this weekend. Who are you picking, Jones or Gustafsson? (What round, and how?)”] I don’t know who’s going to win the Jones/Gustafsson fight. To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of MMA and I’m really not qualified to weigh in on that one. If I have to choose, I’m going to choose Gustafsson by decision, just because I like to root for the underdog. [/qa]

You can catch Peggy Morgan and the rest of Team Rousey during The Ultimate Fighter 18 airing every Wednesday at 10pm EST on Fox Sports 1.

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