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How is Ronda Doing in Bulgaria and other questions answered

Since I got lots of the same question from family and friends, I decided to commandeer the blog for a day and answer them:

1. How is Ronda doing in Bulgaria?

She’s loving it. Here’s a picture she took from her hotel.

view from her room

She says it’s absolutely beautiful and the food is great. She’s been able to see a little of Sofia. They also seem to be treating her really well on the set. The inside of her “trailer” doesn’t look like any of the trailers they have on set around here, more like a nice house.

2. How does she get along with the other people on the film?

She said that she was wondering if there might be some problem with so many actors who had been in major films all in the same place, along with some successful athletes, but that everyone turned out to be really cool and really nice. She also said that the stunt coordinator is a genius.

3. Is she doing her own stunts?

It looks like it. She sends videos I’m not supposed to show anyone (so I don’t).  Some of the ideas they have for stunts make me nervous. I’m hoping whoever is in charge changes his mind about some of them.  Of course, Ronda loves it. I think the fact that it drives me crazy worrying is just frosting on the cake for her.

4. Is she doing some TV show?

(You have to understand that my brother, sister and I all have Ph.D.s and we are NOT a family of big sports fans, so I actually get this question a lot.) Yes, she is doing a show called The Ultimate Fighter on Fox Sports 1.

No one in my family asked about Ronda crying on the show because we all know her. Someone brought up at the meet-up my company had that Ronda must be really upset to cry so much. Her sister Jenn said,

“No, that’s just Ronda. For example, she wanted to watch Toy Story 2 and I wanted to watch All About Eve. I got to the remote first, so I got to watch my show and she started crying.”

Jimmy said,

“But how old was she, like, eight?”

Jenn answered,

“No, she must have been 19 or 20 because I was home visiting from college.”

It’s just Ronda. She’s always been like that. She cries over spilled milk and not getting the prize in the cereal box. She will throw you and arm bar you WHILE crying. I have seen her do it more than once.

5. Is she having trouble training and doing the movie?

Doesn’t sound like. It sounds as if her training is going pretty well. Often when people want you to take a job they promise you a perfect situation and when you get there it’s  like, “Oh, did we say there would be a gym, well, there is, but it’s not in Bulgaria you see, it’s in Ukraine and only open over Christmas break…”  This is just the opposite. They seem to have come through with everything they promised. So far, from what I’ve heard, I approve – and I’m not easily pleased when it comes to training.

6. Why isn’t she on social media – Facebook, twitter, etc. as much?

Between the movie and working out, there is no time. She often has two practices a day, plus filming plus stunt practice. Plus, there is a 10 hour time difference, so while you might usually see your friend say something on twitter and you respond, as it is, her friend probably said something when it was 2 am in Bulgaria and she was asleep.



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