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Help Ronda Rousey send 4 students to the AAU Judo Nationals

Ronda Rousey charity auction has begun!  We hope to send four students and one teacher from Gompers Middle School in Los Angeles to the AAU Judo Nationals in Kansas City, Missouri.

What will be auctioning off?

  • The TUF 18 Team Rousey hoodie that Ronda wore during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter 18, which she personally signed.
  • We will also be auctioning off her 2007 Team USA Rio shirt, which she has worn during training, and which she has also autographed.
  • A four-piece lot, including an autographed UFC MMA glove, an autographed Topps UFC Bloodlines Card (18/75), a Topps UFC Fighter-worn Gear (149/188), and her Topps rookie card (first official card in a full set).

Click here to see the auction.

Ronda Rousey Auction

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