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Chris Beal & Team Rousey to restore order on TUF18

When it comes down to competition, sometimes the spirt of fair play get’s thrown out the window. Case in point, this weeks episode of The Ultimate Fighter 18 has Team Rousey’s Chris Beal taking on Team Tate’s Chris Holdsworth. A match that Miesha specifically said on the show was chosen because “every advantage counts.” She was referring to the fact that they chose this match up knowing full well that Chris Beal had an injured hand. Ironically enough, Bryan Caraway was quoted recently stating this:

“We won the fight and Chris Beal was her No. 1 pick. We didn’t just pick him because of his hurt hand, that was a little teeny factor they put on the show, but there was a lot more going into that fight. We liked that matchup.”
Bryan Caraway – Team Tate

Whatever the reason is they tell us next, Chris Beal is in a class all his own. Knowing full well he is not at 100%, he is willing step up and show real heart to get in the Octagon and fight for his right to earn a 6 figure UFC contract that even Dana White himself can be impressed by. What bigger sign of respect then to have another team challenge you with your injury and pit you against their best fighter. Chris had this to say with regards to being targeted for a fight with Team Tate’s number 1 male fighter:

Team Tate took control with Julianna’s win, and so, of course, with my injured hand, they targeted me for the first men’s fight. Miesha made the pick and selected her top guy, Chris Holdsworth, to fight me, and made no secret that it was because I was injured.
Chris Beal – Team Rousey

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Watch the video courtesy of the UFC and see why Chris Beal is all class and a role model for many.

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