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Ronda connects with Fans at UFC Expo

My name is Kimberly Simbajon (@Rainboww69)

I was stoked when I finally had the chance to meet Ronda Rousey. She helped me when I was going through some difficult situations in life. So, it was truly great to finally be able to meet her in person. I waited in line for over 4 hours. The previous day, I waited as well, but didn’t have enough time to actually meet her. I still met her the day after that, plus she took a group picture the first day. So, I didn’t feel too bad. I saw it on her Twitter and it was really awesome. When I actually met her face to face, it was amazing. We spoke for a minute about some personal things and we shared a really special moment. I’m really happy I had the chance to meet one of my favorite MMA fighters. It changed my life.

We are so happy you were able to meet the champ!! We know those lines can be long and sometimes discouraging, but we are glad it worked out for you! For those that didn’t get to meet Ronda, we will be doing another contest give-away soon just for you.


Ronda Rousey UFC Fan Expo Ronda Rousey UFC Fan Expo
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