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Maria draws a picture just for Ronda

Hi Ronda

I’m 9 now. Do you like my drawing? I wish I had more time to speak with you at the UFC Expo. Thank you for making my brother feel better when my family met you. A very nice new friend from the UFC allowed us to cut the line to meet you because my only Brother is not well, it makes me sad. Please look at my drawing, do you want more drawings? I can make you more. My brother has the red hat. You signed it.

Thank you – maybe I will go to your fight someday here in las vegas. I live in Nevada
I dont know how to put a picture here, so my Daddy will. Bye


Hi Maria, Thanks for sharing your picture. We love it, and will be sure to pass it on to Ronda. We hope you had fun at the UFC Fan Expo and we hope to see you at a fight one day.


Ronda Rousey makes a fans day

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