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How one picture can make a lasting impression

Not sure if Ronda will ever see this. I was told no . But thanks to the UG & 2 special & awesome UFC peeps our son who is very sick & being screened for cancer was guided by the UFC at the expo to not wait on the wait line to meet Ronda. We can’t thank Ronda enough for the photo & autograph for our son. Ronda made his day. He is not so well today but just to see our son happy for those 2 minutes meant so much.

Attached is the photo of our little man & family. If possible please tell Ronda she motivated a little 10 yr old fan who is sick to fight even harder by just a simple photo & thats really all. Our son was so in shock and I feel shy at the moment when he met Ronda that he forgot to ask her some questions he had- lol. He was so mad at himself since. We live in Nevada. If our sons health is on then we will try hard to make it to Ronda’s fight on December 28th. Thanks a million !! Also tell Ronda that our son has a crush on her. lol

PS – I know Ronda was swamped at the UFC expo and she cant remember everybody but our son is the boy in the red hat ( which Josh the Punk gave him ) And we are the family that Dana & Melissa from the UFC walked up past the long waiting line because they knew our son cannot stand for long periods of time without getting sick. He is being screened for Chrohnes disease, he has colitis and is also being screened for Cancer. A very tough time for the family and extremly depressing to our son and everybody who knows him.

Thank you!!

Win big on the 28th!!!

War Ronda!!!!!



Thank you so much for sharing your story. We are so happy he was able to meet Ronda, and we wish your son all the best during these tough times. We admire his courage and strength, and hope to see you in December.

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