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Where will you watch the UFC161 PPV?

The UFC and MMA in general is still largely growing thanks to the likes of Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and Ronda Rousey. Their dedication and dominance at the highest level of competition motivates and encourages people to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

You can ask…

How does fighting embrace a healthier lifestyle?

The answer is simple…

In order to compete at that level, most athletes have had to make some serious sacrifices, both social and physical. While we watch the fights with our friends perhaps over a drink and some wings, they have been on a strict eating schedule during their training. They participate in a sport where if they make a mistake, only they can be held responsible for their loss. They sacrifice a social night out with friends, for one more hard workout to remain mentally and physically prepared. It’s that level of commitment that people can see, and often take way from the dedication these fighters put into their training and lifestyles. Not to mention their ability to handle themselves under pressure, for the most part. This mindset can be transfered to anything in life so long as you have the motivation, the passion, and the understanding.

That all being said, the UFC has always had a loyal following, but now it truly stands out as a SPORT. Which means that their following rivals even that of the long standing traditional sports. People have always gathered at their friends, stadiums, or local bars for sporting events such as (NFL) Football games, (MLB) Baseball games, and the (EPL) Soccer games. But now the UFC is so widely respected that bars will pay for the PPV’s just because of the business it drives from showing the UFC in their bar. Which leads us to our next question.

Even though we all wish we could be at the events, most of the times that just isn’t possible.

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