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UFC 161 – what you may not know

With UFC 161 knocking on our door this weekend, we have some much anticipated fights. Let’s start with the women.
Alexis Davis is currently ranked 4th in the 135lbs division based on the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings. She is coming off back to back submission wins over Baszler and Akano, however a 3rd win might help her distance herself from the memory of the painful Kaufman loss last year in Columbus. Rosi Sexton, however, is coming off back to back decision victories that span over 2 years, so its hard to predict what we can expect from her with any certainty. Either way, both women are making their UFC debuts and are looking to make a name for themselves in the World’s Fastest growing sport.

One of the most anticipated fights on this card is clearly Roy “Big Country” Nelson versus Stipe Miocic. It is safe to say that this Golden Gloves winner Miocic will be facing his biggest test to date. To be honest, most people didn’t expect a Struve TKO in his last fight, but they might be feeling a “Big Country” round house to end it quick. Lets face it, Big Country can submit you, but as he said, why spend the effort to get a submission when he can just knock you out? Good point, unless you can master the Armbar, then its like picking cherries. Either way this should be a great fight to watch, no matter how long or short it is.

The main event is pretty much a make or break for both Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson. Evans has already publicly stated he would like one more crack at Jon Jones. Which leads me to my did you know.

Did you know?

That Rashad Evans has fought at the Heavyweight level & Light-Heavyweight level, and if he loses he is seriously considering dropping down to Middleweight and a chance to fight current champion Anderson Silva. WHAT!?

Did you know?

Dan Henderson was the first fighter to simultaneously hold titles in two different weight classes in a major MMA organization when he knocked out Wanderlei Silva to become the Middleweight Champion, while holding his Welterweight title. WHAT!?

Anyways, one thing we can be certain about with this fight, is that these guys don’t want to chance letting this decision falling into the hands of the judge and they will be looking for the dominating performance that let’s them take the next big step.

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