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Team Rousey vs. Team Tate TUF 18 update from Dana White

Tensions are high at TUF 18 for Team Rousey and Team Tate. MMAWEEKLY recently wrote an article about some questions that Dana White fielded on 6/13/2013 after UFC161: Evans Vs. Henderson, where when asked about how the filming of TUF 18 is going he said, “It’s going exactly the way you’d expect it to be going, bad.” The rivalry between the teams is extremely heated and White had this to say about it, “Miesha and Ronda hate each other” and “it’s literally like crazy drama every day.” Would it be better if Zingano had not been injured, and had to give up coaching to Tate? Would it be even more suspenseful fighting the real winner of the last bout? It seems that for now Zingano has become the underdog having to sit this one out while Tate takes the heat.

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