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MMA/Judo Shirt – Ronda Rousey

As you already know, Armbar Nation is creating some MMA/Judo Style T-shirts, and we need our Fans help to see which ones make the print. Last week we showed you the “Welcome to the New Age” concept and in a poll, 260 of you shared these results. 80% of guys and girls said YES, they would wear it, 20% said no. So now we take the design concept on a new angle and ask you the same question.

Because we know that the most IMPORTANT thing is not what we like, but what YOU like.
So please give us your feedback!  We value strongly our FANS opinions.
What do you think?


Ronda Rousey - MMA/Judo ArmbarNation Tshirt


Once again we thank you Armbar Nation for your support and taking the time to help us by providing your feedback.

Ryan Griffore - Armbar Nation

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