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Armbassador Ink – First Armbar Nation Tattoo

One of our Armbassadors has taken her love for Ronda to the next level – by having it inked for the whole world to see! Sarah Davies @sdaviesxxxx sent in some pictures of her new ankle tattoo and was cool enough to answer some questions about it for us.


1. What is it about Ronda Rousey that inspired you to get this tattoo? – Ronda inspired me into getting this tattoo because of her signature move ‘Armbar’ – not only that its her Personality, attitude, confidence, the way she finishes her fights- Ronda’s skill is on a whole new level!, Ronda’s positive outlook of her life and her career, how she sets her goals and doesn’t stop until she has achieved them. The way she loves her fans! –  Ronda’s determination inspires me as a person and makes me determined to achieve my goals. I decided to get the tattoo as a reminder of all the promises I have made to myself. Ronda is a huge inspiration in my life,  Just LOVE Everything about her inspires me! – cant wait to meet her!

2. How did you choose this design? – I chose this design by going through a load of fonts and narrowing it down to the one I have LOL.

3. Where did you get the tattoo? – A friend who does tattoo’s done it for me.

4. How long did it take? – 1 hour.

5. Do you have any other tattoos? – Yes I have ‘No Pain No Gain’ on my outer forearm.

6. Where did you get this tattoo done at?  Who was the artist? – At a friends house, her name is Jade.

7. Any other info you want include? – Thanks to everyone at #ArmbarNation to being involved in my life, even though its across the world on the net, your all true friends and i’m happy I know you all! cant wait to meet you all in person! 🙂 including Ronda’s amazing family! – Thank you to Ronda for being an amazing role model/inspiration and what she has done for WMMA – most of all Thank you for being YOU! #TEAMROUSEY #ARMBARNATION

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