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Want to Become a Character with Ronda Rousey in a Video Game? Now’s Your Chance!

For those of you that are not familiar with the educational game “Spirit Lake: The Game” that Ronda’s mom AnnMaria De Mars is currently developing, well let me tell you it takes learning to another level.  Everyone wants to be smart, but lets face it, kids would much rather go play a video game than read a book.  That’s just the world we live in.  So instead of trying to change over 1 billion children’s studying habits, what if we changed the way we are teaching them?  Sounds too easy, right?  Well it is.

In Canada they have a site called ‘Mathletics’ that let’s students login and learn math by competing with other students virtually through mathematical games.  This is a great idea, but Spirit Lake is taking learning one step further.  What if we told you AnnMaria De Mars is creating a 3D video game that kids LOVED to play that also taught real world virtues while building a mathematical foundation?  Now this is a step in the right direction!

  • Bridging adventure gaming and math
  • Creating games kids want to play
  • Improving math scores
  • Revolutionizing education

A few months back Spirit Lake: The Game launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise $20,000 for further game development.  And although the fundraiser has officially ended, you can check out their previous campaign below.

Ronda Rousey Character - Spirit LakeOne of the coolest rewards from sponsoring this project was having a chance to become a character in the game!  Ronda has also become a character in the game which you can see to the right.  So where are we going with all this?  There is an opportunity right now for YOU to become a character too!  We’d love to say that we’re offering you the opportunity, but we’re not…  So if you want a chance to become immortalized forever, you’ll have to enter Derek Landy’s contest here: Derek Landy Blogs – Spirit Lake

Would you like to be a character in this game?

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